Are you ready? Are you sure?

     Wireless allows for all new applications and convenience. It also comes with it's own set of problems and challenges. Successful deployment and testing requires a different set of tools and even skill set. The days of adding antennas and access points are over. They have actually been over for a long time and most people don't realize it. Poor wireless implementation has caused many problems that are never diagnosed correctly and money is wasted in other areas to alleviate the problems.

     You may have full bars on your phone, but that doesn't mean your Wi-Fi is good. There are many other factors to consider and plan for before, during, and even after your deployment. How many users will be on the network? Will they be moving or sitting still? How many other Wi-Fi networks are sharing your airspace? Is there an old refrigerator or a remote control car nearby? That all matters and that all can have a negative or even catastrophic affect to your wireless network, all while displaying full bars on your tablet.

     Let us assess your network and discuss some options with you. Before you deploy Chromebooks or iPads campus-wide, let us make sure your Wi-Fi will give you the results you expect.