Who does your cabling?

     Anyone can install data cable and it seems many do. If you install electrical lines wrong, you will most likely get a fine, or shut down until it is repaired. The concern is that structure will burn or someone may get hurt. Thankfully electricians have to be licensed, and electrical work has to be inspected by a third party.

     Data cable is low voltage and less dangerous so there isn't as much oversight. If it links your computer then it's 'good.' Unfortunately it isn't that cut and dry. Data cable has a lot of technology built into it and without a proper understanding the customer isn't getting their money's worth. Many factors must be considered when installing cable or you are just asking for trouble down the road. The only thing worse than paying too much for a line to be installed is having to pay for a bad line to be reinstalled when it should have been done right the first time.

     We have been trained and certified by BICSI, a national standards board with credentials that are recognized world wide. Many government installations will not accept bids without these credentials. They simply can't afford to pay for a job twice.

     We do it right the first time. When the time comes for additions and expansion, our work makes the next job less costly and more efficient. Following standards and guidelines helps projects go together without having to adapt to the sub-par quality of previous work.

Good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good.