A picture is worth a thousand words.

     What is it worth to have video?

     With a properly designed and installed surveillance system the savings possibilities are umerous.

  • Safety - After an incident or near miss, you will immediately be able to review exactly what happened. You no longer have to rely on recollections of individuals to compile the scenario. You can see for yourself. The question of if it was a violation of existing safety procedures, or if it was an unforeseen incident can be answered immediately and actions can be taken to prevent the next incident. You will have video as a means of training in the future, and to turn over to authorities in the event of an investigation.
  • Theft - Outsiders will break in and sadly, employees will often just help themselves. If you don't have evidence, the theft will continue. Our custom designed solution will provide the evidence that will stand up in court and will limit your losses.
  • Insurance - With fewer safety incidents and reduced theft, your insurance premiums will go down. How long will it take for the break even to pay for the surveillance system.
  • Reduced Manpower - Instead of each gate having a guard, a two way speaker and a camera can do the same job. One employee can now manage multiple gates. It doesn't matter if your gates are on your local property or across the state, or even across the country. A delivery truck or a pump reader can pull up to a gate in Odessa and a gate operator in Corpus Christi can see the driver and the license plate, day or night, then grant or deny access with the push of a button.
  • Productivity - How much time is wasted on the job? Unless you see it, you can only guess. Taking a break is one thing, and short breaks usually increase overall daily output, however; frequent coffee/smoke/bathroom/snack breaks on the clock don't help the bottom line. You can now see if this is habitual and needs to be addressed, or if they are legitimate breaks and can be ignored.